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Nazarene Commentary 2000© by Mark Heber Miller

[This includes 160+ articles on a range of Biblical subjects by Mark Heber Miller from June 1997 to August 2001 – about 1,000 pages]

Special thanks to brothers Andy Weeks in the US, Ralph Slaney in Spain, Andrew Foss in the US, Ianos Takacs in Romania, and Timo K o o rnstra in Belgium.

Christian “Doctrine”


Affirmation of Convictions

God the Father

Does God Exist? [Psalm 14:1]
Is God One or Three? (Also available in Romanian, Hungarian and Dutch)

God's Name

The Divine Name and Your Favorite Translation
Should “Hebrews” Contain the Tetragram?
Thinking on God’s Name

Jesus Christ

The Son was Created

The First-created Master Workman [Proverbs 8]
Regarding Hebrews 7:1-3

Christ's Pre-existence

Did Christ have a Pre-existence? [John 17:5]
Messiah’s Pre-Existence in the Hebrew Bible
An Allusion to Christ’s Pre-existence in the Synoptics

Christ's Death

Messiah’s Suffering and Death Foretold
How Jesus Died on Both a Tree and a Stake?
Christ – the Day of Death Better than the Day of Birth

Christ's Resurrection

Was Jesus Raised in a Fleshly Human Body? [1 Peter 3:18]

Christ's Glory

A Different Christ
Do the Nazarene Saints “Worship” Two Gods? [John 1:18]
May Prayers be Directed to Jesus Rather than His Father?
We Have Such a High Priest [Hebrews 7-10]
When Did Jesus Become High Priest?

God's Spirit or Pneuma


What is the “Holy Spirit”?

The Spirit and the Gifts

The Holy Spirit as “Helper” [John 14-16]
How Many were Present at Pentecost? [Acts 1-2]
Are the Gifts of the Spirit Still Available Today? [1 Corinthians 12, 13]
Healings Compared
God's Spirit and You - Part 2

The Scriptures

Is the Bible Inspired? [2 Timothy 3:16]
The New Testament Canon
When were Daniel and Revelation Written?

The Bible and Science

Do Scientific Evidences Point To a Creator or to Chance? [Romans 1:20]
What Happened to the Dinosaurs?
The Problem with Evolution
Was the Flood Local or Global? [Genesis 6-9]

How to Study the Bible

Where to Find “Inspired Interpretations”
Pay Attention to the Word of Prophecy [2 Peter 1]
How to Approach Bible Study
See also the Introduction to Nazarene Commentary 2000 and Resources elsewhere on this site.

Ransom & Restoration

The Fifteen Steps to Heavenly Glory
Eight Things to Make Your Calling Sure [2 Peter chapter 1]
Keep Yourselves in God’s Grace
“Tabernacle Shadows” [Hebrews 8, 9, 10]

The New Covenant

The "real" Israel

With Whom is the “New Covenant” Made? [Jeremiah 31:31-35]
The Meaning of Romans Chapter 11
Mystery Revealed! Non-Jews to be Joint Heirs! [Ephesians 3]

Law, Circumcision, Sabbath, Priesthood

Jehovah is Our Lawgiver
Keep my Sabbaths and Stand in Awe!
Priests in the “More Perfect Tent” [Hebrews 9, 10]

Kingdom & Church

The Only True Religion – Does the Bible Teach it?
“Organization” – Good or Bad?
Which Church Shall I Join?

The Truth

Who Has “The Truth”?
“You are not Part of the World” [John 15:19]


Dogmatism versus Conviction
“Is Christ Divided?” [1 Corinthians 1:10]
Agree to Disagree?


What are “Teachings of Demons”? [1 Timothy 4:1]
“Command Others not to Teach Different Doctrine!”
Worthless Religion and Dead Faith
For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free [Galatians 5:1]
“Watch Out for False Prophets!”


Christmas – Does It Really Matter? [2 Corinthians 6:14-18]

Inspected by Jesus

What We Learn from Your Letters [Revelation 2, 3]
What Kind of Congregation Will You be? [Revelation 2, 3]
Kingdom Parables [Matthew 13]

The Disciple and Friend

What makes a “Christian”

The Fundamentals
What is the “Gospel”?
Nazarene Principles
“Follow the Lamb” [Revelation 14:4, 5]
Basic Teachings to leave Behind [Hebrews 6:1, 2]
Are You a “Righteous” Person?
Born Again
Salvation and good works

Characteristics of a True Disciple

What is “Spirituality”? [1 Corinthians 2]
“Think Just as Christ Thought!” [1 Corinthians 2:16]
The “Umpire” of my Heart
What is Wrong With Christians Today?
Fruitage that Prevents Removal [John 15]
Seven Things Jehovah Abhors [Proverbs 16-19]
What Does God Ask of You? [Mica 6:6-8]
Faith – Dead or Alive? [James 2]
The Tent of Yahweh [Psalm 15]
Christian Dress – Identifying Yourself [Colossians 3:12-14]
Building on Rock [Matthew 7:24-27]
God and Your Conscience


Nazarene Love [1 Corinthians 13]
A Loving Disciple of the Nazarene [1 Corinthians 13]
What is “The Love”? [1 Corinthians 13]
A Warning to the Judgmental! [Matthew 7:1, 2]
The “Love Bomb”
Two Kinds of Foundations [Luke 6]
When Thinking about Others [Philippians 4:8]
What is a True Friend?
Loving Your Enemies [Luke 6:30-35]

Greed - Riches

Christian Giving – the Way to Spiritual Perfection
Guard Against Every Kind of Greed! [Luke 12:15]
Rich or Poor – What does God Think?
Howl, You Rich [Christians]!
How Much Money Does a Christian Need?


Jealousy – a Cancerous Disease


What Makes Worship “Worthless”? [Matthew 15:9; James 1:26, 27]
Giving Thanksgiving to God
Christian Worship - What Does it Involve?


The Tongue Sets Gehenna Aflame!


Every Christian an Evangelist!
Do Business Until I Return
“I believed, Therefore, I Spoke!”


Press on to Maturity


An Inspired Prayer [Ephesians 3:14-21]

Eating and Drinking

Wine that Makes the Heart Glad!


Where are we in Prophecy?

What is the "Revelation of Jesus Christ"?
“Seal not this Book!” [Revelation 22:10]
Do not Join them! [Luke 21:8]
What are “The Times of the Gentiles”? [Luke 21:24]
What is “This Generation”? [Matthew 24:34]
Are the “Last Days” 2,000 Years Long?
Why We Cannot Preach These are “The Last Days”?
The Prophetic Horizon: How We Can Know the Future
World Events since 11 September and Bible Prophecy
What is the Meaning of Daniel 8:14?
“Behold, a White Horse!” [Revelation 6:1, 2]
“Behold, a Red Horse!” [Revelation 6:3, 4]

The Great Oppression

The Parousia Follows the Great Tribulation! [Matthew 24:29]
The Fifth Seal: Cry of the Martyrs [Revelation 6]
Who or What is the Great Crowd? [Revelation 7:9-17]
Are the “Two Prophets” Among Us? [Revelation 11]
When is Satan Cast out of Heaven? [Revelation 12:9-12]

The Parousia / Christ's Return

A Visible Return

Does John 14:19 Prove the Return of Christ Will be Invisible?
Who is the “Only Potentate”? [1 Timothy 6:15]
What is the “Body” and Who are the “Eagles”? [Matthew 24:28; Luke 17:37]
The “Little Flock” and “The Faithful Steward” - Who are They? [Luke 12:32]

The Resurrection

What is the First Mention of the “Resurrection” in the Bible?

The Rapture of the End-Time Saints

How is 1 Thessalonians 4:17 to be Understood?
Our Lord Taught the Rapture! [1 Thessalonians 4:15-17]
We Will Be Changed!

The Parousia-Judgment

The Parousia-Judgment [2 Corinthians 5:10]
Who are the “Sheep” and “Goats”? [Matthew 25:31-46]
God and Judgment

The Day of Wrath


What is “Armageddon”? [Revelation 16:14, 16]

Babylon's Judgment

What is Babylon the Great? [Revelation 17, 18]

The Christian Hope

Where Will Christians Spend Eternity? [2 Corinthians 5:1]
Are there Two Choices or Options for Christians: Heaven or Earth?
Heaven – the Hope of the Church
The Hope of the Patriarchs [Hebrews 11]

Church “Order”



Celebrating the “Memorial” of Christ’s Death [1 Corinthians 11:26]
Observing the Lord’s Supper in a Worthy Manner
‘Keep Doing This’ [Luke 21:19,20]

Bible Reading Group – Home Church

Starting a Bible Reading Group
How to Conduct a Bible Discussion

Elders & Deacons

The Responsibility of Christian Elders [1 Timothy 3:1; Titus 1:5]
Laying on Hands

Men & Women & Family

The Godly Husband
The Biblical Woman



Enthroned Messiah [Psalm 2]
My Shepherd is Yehowah [Psalm 23]
Will You Say, “Test Me”? [Psalm 26]
Thoughts on the Proverbs [Proverbs 1, 2, 13]
Thoughts on the Proverbs [Proverbs 13:11-20]
Thoughts on the Proverbs [Proverbs 13:21-24]
Thoughts on the Proverbs [Proverbs 14:1-5]
Thoughts on the Proverbs [Proverbs 14:6-14]
Thoughts on the Proverbs [Proverbs 14:15-20]
Thoughts on the Proverbs [Proverbs 14:21-34]
Thoughts on the Proverbs [Proverbs 23:1-11]
Thoughts on the Proverbs [Proverbs 23:12-19]
Youth, Remember Your Creator [Ecclesiastes 12]
Fear not, Little Flock [Luke 12]
How Will God Judge the World? [Romans 2]
Liberated Children and the Indwelling Spirit [Romans 8]
Body Unity Through Gifts in Men and the New Person [Ephesians 4]
The Christ-Mind – the Right Mental Attitude [Philippians 2]
Sound Minds and Healthful Teaching [Titus 2]
Illuminated Fellowship [1 John 1]
How to Know One is Born of God [1 John]
Walking in Christ’s Doctrine [2 John]
Imitate Good and not Bad [3 John]
Angelic Announcements [Revelation 14]

Bible Questions Answered

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Bible Questions Answered (2)
Bible Questions Answered (3)

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