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How long has life been here on our Earth?

earth.jpg (20547 bytes) Is life younger than 7,000 years as is the claim of Young-Earth Creationists? Others like some Jehovah’s Witnesses and Bible Students believe that the creative days of Genesis are each 7,000-years in length. Do these conclusions agree with scientific data of our modern day? We will examine the arguments for both the 24-hour creative days as well as 7,000-year creative days...

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Jesus is King as Presented by the Gospel of Matthew

As all students of God’s word are aware, God has special messages to give in each book and letter recorded in the Bible and the book of Matthew is no exception. God has taken great care to cast Jesus as many things to us. Jesus bears many titles; Lion of the tribe of Judah, to the Lamb of God; High Priest, to King. So as we carefully examine Matthew for clues we begin to see a special image of Jesus form. This image becomes very clear as we spend time looking for God’s clues to Jesus identity in Matthew. The image that emerges is Jesus the King...

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Commentary - The Tabernacle Shadows

Although a lot of brethren think that once a brother or sister concludes that the church is not represented in the animals, that they (the concluding bother or sister) do not believe that the church should suffer nor that they have a vital role in the kingdom. These beliefs are not based on fact (just ask any who believes this way) but supposition. I know of no one who once held the traditional Bible Student understanding of the sin offering, who does not believe in the churches critical role in the Millennial Age. The church's part always has been and always will be vital in the administration of the anti-typical offerings...

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The Nazarene Mountain Teachings

In the early portion of the Mountain Teachings the Nazarene speaks the brief phrase, ‘I came.’ Much is packed into these words. It is an inference Jesus was sent from God, something he goes on to state in many different ways. Here is a Man who came from the "Realms Above" (Jn 8.23) and enjoyed the Presence of his Father for past eons. (Jn 17.5) He admits on more than one occasion what he taught was not his own but came from the Father who sent him. (Jn 5.19; 6.46, 63; 7.17)

With this background now, we see the Nazarene waiting for the crowd on the mountain side to quiet as he prepares to utter his first public words in a full sermon...

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