Friends of the Nazarene

Friends of the Nazarene is a spiritual community of Messianic Christians dedicated to "following the Lamb no matter where he goes." (Revelation 14:4) They are wholly devoted to a better understanding of the Bible without being squeezed into those various "forms" which have become identified with controlling religions. Since they have no such agenda, the Friends of the Nazarene are free to interpret the Bible themselves, viewing the entire Divine Library as an "open" book, not "sealed" for the elitist interpretations of a self-appointed hierarchy. (Revelation 22:10)

Our only credo ("I believe") is the Bible itself, which we consider "inspired" in the traditional sense from Genesis to Revelation.
(2 Timothy 3:16) However, spoken or written understandings of the Scriptures are not inspired, so the Friends of the Nazarene are quite willing to adjust any current view as new research and findings direct under the guidance of the sacred Pneuma.

Friends of the Nazarene respect the views of others and agree with Erasmus (1520 AD): "If we want truth, every person ought to be free to speak what they think without fear." We feel this echoes the Nazarene:

"And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not." (John 12:47 KJV)

We feel strongly that mildness, respect, and graciousness ought to characterize the "defense" (apology) of our Hope.
(1 Peter 3:15; Colossians 4:6)

Our "worship in spirit and truth" involves prayers, hymns, spiritual meditations, Biblical studies, evangelism, charity, feeding the lambs, and church ministries – thus proving ourselves to be "faithful stewards" caring for the Master’s Household, as we await his Arrival or Parousia. (James 1:26, 27; John 4:23, 24; John 21:16; Matthew 25:45; Luke 12:35-48)

We are always open to communication and will entertain any questions put to us. We view all Christians as our brothers and wish that love taught by the Nazarene characterize our dealings with others. (John 13:35) It is important to all the Friends that they observe the commandments of the Nazarene. (John 15:14)