Complete Reference to the Christian Bible and selections of the Hebrew Scriptures

by Mark Heber Miller

  • New rendering from the Greek and the Hebrew.

  • Thorough commentaries on every verse, every main phrase, and every key word.

  • Most phrases are compared to the King James as well as other versions of the Christian Bible.

  • Key cross references have been compared, studied and listed.

  • Quotations, allusions and words of Jesus marked in color.

  • Review questions for personal or group discussions

Notes about this Version and Commentary

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The text of the Christian Scriptures is a new version, the 21st Century Version of the Christian Scriptures [NCMM] and may be considered a literal version with limited paraphrase.

The text of the selections of the Hebrew Scriptures is a new version as well, the 21st Century Paraphrase of the Hebrew Scriptures [NCMM] and may be considered a paraphrase.

Both texts with their commentary are an additional part of Nazarene Commentary 2000©.

The words of Jesus are in red. Quotations and allusions from the Old Testament are in italicized blue with quotations within quote marks. These referenced phrases are marked in the same way where they occur in the Old Testament. For these quotations and allusions the source is given in brackets. When these quotations and allusions are part of the words of Jesus, they appear in purple.

Greek and Hebrew words of particular interest are in CAPS and accompanied by Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible code numbers. Cross-references have been checked and added when of special note. Each chapter and paragraph has a topical subject heading and each chapter ends with a brief summary and/or review questions for congregational or personal studies. Key phrases are compared throughout to other literal and paraphrased versions. Underlined words are sources for research elsewhere in Nazarene Commentary 2000©. Any verse may be located by entering a reference (e.g. Mat 5:20) in the Find window

The symbol "||" occurs in the Synoptic Gospels and indicates a parallel in another Gospel. Since Luke and Mark often parallel Matthew, when Nazarene Commentary 2000© covers the same material, the symbol || will indicate to go to the footnote commentary in Matthew.

We make no claim of inspiration or unique perspective powers but we are deeply devoted to the Word of God. Nazarene Commentary may be judged on its own merits. The Friends of the Nazarene Publishing will continue to produce new publications to aid in Bible study as God directs and permits. We pray what has been provided so far will be a blessing to Friends of the Nazarene. (John 15:14)